GNB (Gruppo Nazionale di Bioingegneria)

GNB (Gruppo Nazionale di Bioingegneria) is a non-profit association with scientific, cultural, informative, and social goals, such as promoting, sponsoring and coordinating studies, research and debates on Biomedical engineering. GNB organizes scientific events and summer schools for PhD students since 1981. Natural interlocutors of GNB include stakeholders such as ministries, universities and research institutes, the national health system, the industrial and entrepreneurial partners and the international scientific community. Today, GNB has about 500 members.

GNB congress

The GNB Congress, held on biannual base since 2008, is the melting pot of biomedical research and clinical end-users fully inserted in the framework of the most advanced international research in Biomedical engineering, which combines the engineering background with the clinical one. The GNB Congress provides an overview of recent activities and breakthrough research in the field and aims at involving all members of the scientific and industrial communities.

Who attend GNB Congress?
  • - biomedical engineers of the industrial community;
  • - professors and researchers in biomedical engineering and related areas;
  • - clinicians in academic medical centers, working on innovation;
  • - biomedical researchers in engineering and sciences;
  • - PhD students in Biomedical engineering and related academic areas.
The GNB Congress
  • - provides an overview of recent activities and breakthrough research in the field of biomedical engineering;
  • - showcases & promotes existing and newly- developed products with a global network of biomedical engineering professionals;
  • - attracts hundreds of visitors (340, 370, 418 in the last three in-presence editions, respectively in Pavia 2014, Naples 2016, Milan 2018);
  • - promotes exchange of ideas among members of the scientific and industrial communities;
  • - organizes workshops to connect talented MSc and PhD students to the exhibiting companies;
  • - identify new partnerships with young and energetic start-ups and entrepreneurs;
  • - encourage collaborations among participants by supporting the various ways of communicating during the congress.

GNB 2023 @ Padova - 8th National congress of Bioengineering

The 8th GNB Congress will take place from 21 to 23 June 2023, in Padova. Padova not only hosts one of the oldest and most renowned universities in Europe (founded in 1222, celebration of the 800th anniversary is ongoing), but is also a historical site for Bioengineering in Italy (first university bioengineering course given, first CNR bioengineering lab established, both in 1968). Nowadays, formal Bioengineering research groups are present in the CNR and in 4 university departments (Department of Information Engineering - DEI, Department of Industrial Engineering - DII, Department of Neuroscience - DNS, Department of Civil Architectural and Environmental Engineering - ICEA). More than 1500 BSc and MSc students and 30 PhD students are presently enrolled in Bioengineering educational programs at the University of Padova.