June 16th, 2023 (1:00 PM): REGISTRATION DEADLINE

After this date online registration would not be longer possible and new applications would need to make a formal request by writing an email to info@gnb2023.it. Acceptance would depend upon space availability while payment would need to be finalise on-site.

Registration fees

  • - Senior Academic: dipendenti di università ed enti di ricerca (ricercatori, RTT, RTDA, RTDB, professori, ...)
  • - Junior Academic: assegnisti di ricerca, borsisti postdoc, collaboratori postdoc
  • - Students: studenti di dottorato in corso, studenti iscritti a corsi di laurea magistrale, triennale o a ciclo unico, borsisti e collaboratori di enti di ricerca e università con laurea magistrale conseguita da meno di 3 anni

Early bird (GNB members)
  • - Senior Academic and Industry: 350€
  • - Junior Academic: 260€
  • - Students: 180€

Late bird (GNB members) - After April 30, 2023
  • - Senior Academic and Industry: 450€
  • - Junior Academic: 360€
  • - Students: 280€

Early bird (not GNB members)
  • - Senior Academic and Industry: 500€
  • - Junior Academic: 400€
  • - Students: 300€

Late bird (not GNB members) - After April 30, 2023
  • - Senior Academic and Industry: 600€
  • - Junior Academic: 500€
  • - Students: 400€

About GNB MEMBER affiliation

GNB membership is not mandatory to participate in the congress but is strongly encouraged. Note that being a GNB member grants a significant reduction of the registration fee.
If you are already affiliated with GNB, the membership ID (alias codice socio) is available in the personal dashboard at https://soci.grupponazionalebioingegneria.it (string of 8 elements, key sensitive).
GNB membership application can be submitted via https://soci.grupponazionalebioingegneria.it/soci/front/register. The GNB secretariat (segreteria@grupponazionalebioingegneria.it) is committed to process all the new applications in the shortest time possible. For more information on GNB, please refer to www.grupponazionalebioingegneria.it. New applications to GNB (and all memberships renewed after 30/06/2022) are valid until 31/12/2023.

GNB congress registration procedure

Regarding presenters, each registered author is allowed to be the presenter of up to two contributions (including both oral and poster presentations). The authors are requested to specify the identification number/s of the contribution/s they will present in the registration form. If none of the authors of this contribution will register by the deadline of 30/04/2023, the paper will not appear in the conference proceedings.
In the registration procedure, you will find the possibility to participate in the social dinner that will be held at Caffè Pedrocchi, with an additional cost of 85 Euros.
In filling in the registration form, you will be asked to provide the membership ID (alias codice socio). If your affiliation is still pending please enter this code in the ID (PEND1111). Once you receive your personal member ID, please send it to gnb23@pragmacongressi.it for update. Please note that the GNB membership must be finalised before the beginning of the conference! Those failing to do so, will be charged for the full conference fee.